Watching (Granada TV sitcom, 1987-93)

Slight Liverpool-set boy meets girl on off drama.

Episode 2.07:
Merseyside PTE buses include what appears to be a MCW Metrobus/Alexander among the Leyland Atlanteans:
Episode 3.01:
Ex-London Transport AEC Routemaster/Park Royal RM1414 (414CLT), supplied by the Museum of Transport, Manchester, appears in the background of an episode where Brenda (Emma Wray) runs away to London and at one point is seen using a 'phone box to call home:
Episode 5.09:
Brenda hurries to a wedding, but the trip is not a smooth one. First she boards Merseybus 7673 (Dodge S56/Northern Counties), but it expires in a cloud of steam:
There's a ferry involved as well, and she ends up heading for a Merseyside PTE liveried Leyland Atlantean:
Episode 7.02:
This time a glimpse of a Merseybus Duple Dominant bodied Dennis Lancet:

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