To The World's End (BBC documentary, 1985)

Based on a musical piece by composer Carl Davis, which features on the soundtrack, this film documents the places and characters who live there, along London's 31 bus route. It was reshown as part of BBC4's secon 'Bus Night' on 19 July 2008.
At the time the film was made, 31 was operated by standard AEC Routemasters, and a number of them are seen in action. It's interesting to watch, with some nice atmospheric views of the buses themselves.
First seen in the gloom of the garage at the beginning of a new day is RM769 (WLT769), then Leyland Titan T771 (OHV771Y) crosses the screen before RM724 (WLT724) appears.
RM694 (WLT694) picks up a passenger in the early morning, then RM879 (WLT879) passes,
.....then under the opening credits RM769 is seen on the road:
A Plaxton Supreme bodied coach is seen from the upper deck of a Routemaster:
A conductor is seen at the back of RM1044 (44CLT), and RM1645 (645DYE) passes:
RM30 (VLT30) pulls into a bus stop; a BL-class Bristol LH and an M-class Metrobus are seen in the background;
The same conductor as before stands on the platform of RM1103 (103CLT) at speed. RM1819 (819DYE) is followed by a second RM. RM412 (WLT412) makes a right turn; RM580 passes another RM on route 73.
Another M is seen in the distance while an early Bova of Eurobus Holidays passes, also a Grey-Green Duple-Dominant II-bodied Bedford YMT:
RM42 (VLT42) passes the camera; there's a thank you to the crews at Westbourne Park garage in the closing credits: