Tatort (ARDORFSRG crime series, 1969-)

"German TV series of crime films that has been running for decades. An Essener Verkehrs-AG of Essen MAN SL200 featured in one episode. I don't know when it was first shown and have indeed never seen it myself, but it must have been filmed between 1977 and 1979. The bus is 3332 (E-AT 815), a 1974 vehicle that left the Essen fleet in 1985; it carries ads for Deutsches Stern Pils, a local beer. The bus is first seen approaching a bus stop on Sommerburgstraße. The blinds are set for route 84 to Essen Hbf, however, route 84 did never run there and the road was served by route 57 at that time. Another scene shows the bus after (during?) passing through a bridge under a railway line, this has most likely been shot on Hindenburgstraße in central Essen." (thanks Stefan Baguette)

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