Stan the Man (Granada TV drama, 2002)

Episode one has two scenes supposedly filmed in London. Graeme Selway comments:

"The first I nearly missed and was of what I thought was an RT shown turning into a side street. It would have made more sense to be a RM though as the show was set in the present day - I thought it wasn't present day then, so I carried on watching out of historical interest in case any more red RTs made an
appearance, but they didn't!

The next scene, however, was in a cafe, again supposedly in London, but you could see through the window onto the street and what should drive past but an Optare Solo in Barbie"
[First Group] "livery! I suspect that this was actually filmed in Manchester where the rest of the episode was set and filmed. The only shot of transport in Manchester was of a Metrolink tram, unfortunately!"

Episode two has "scenes filmed on board what I'm sure was a Stagecoach Manchester MAN/Alexander ALX300. Secondly, several scenes filmed in Blackpool featured very clear shots of Blackpool trams, including an illuminated one."

Episode three: "this is the show that I found being filmed in Manchester one wet Sunday back in February or March. Selwyn's National Express liveried Van Hool bodied DAF, YS51 EKX featured in a couple of scenes shot in Cannon Street bus station which was pretending to be 'Manchester Central'. This isn't where NatEx coaches stop in Manchester anyway and is a rather dark and gloomy place at the best of times! Still there was a First Wright-bodied something passing in the background and a couple of good shots of the crash barriers alongside the central reservation! Stagecoach Manchester didn't get left out either - one of their Alexander-bodied Tridents in stripey livery was in another scene."