Spender (BBC police drama, 1991-3)

Bleak and gritty series that made good use of its North East urban setting, and equally good use of Jimmy Nail as the eponymous hero.

Episode 1.1: The Homecoming:
A brilliant spot here: Gary Mitchellhill identifies the first bus here as Go-Ahead Northern Leyland Atlantean/Roe 3460 (AUP360W). Its unexpected colour is due to it carrying an overall advert for Scandinavian (DFDS) Seaways. The second is a Newcastle Busways Atlantean/Alexander, following a Leyland Leopard/Plaxton Supreme in National Bus company local coach livery:
This appears to be a Northumbria MCW Metrorider, but this is all you see. A Leyland Olympian/Eastern coachworks coach passes behind it.

Episode 1.2: Half a Ton of Heartaches:
A bus station scene includes several Northumbria buses. Part of a Bristol LH is seen behind Northumbria 224 (RVN245X), a 1982 Leyland Leopard PSU3F/4R with Willowbrook 003 body new as United 6245. Also seen is a line of Plaxton Supreme bodied Leyland Leopards:
The LH is probably the one then seen being followed by Spender in his car. It's Northumbria 627 (SNU384R), a Bristol LH6L/Eastern Coachworks new in 1977 as Trent 384:

Episode 1.3: Double Jeopardy:
Another brief bus station scene with a number of Northumbria buses. A Bristol VRT faces the camera, while lined up on the right, looking towards the camera, are a second VRT, a Leyland-National B, a Leyland Olympian and a Duple Dominant bodied Leyland Leopard. As the sequence ends a second Olympian backs into view:

Episode 1.8: Well Well Well:
Final scene features a passing Leyland Olympian, but the overhead view makes it difficult to determine any more detail!

Episode 2.1: Here We Go Again:
Again, an unclear angle!

Episode 2.4: Family Business:
Leyland Atlantean/Alexander SCN275S was new as Tyne and Wear PTE 275, but is seen here as South Shields Busways 275;

Episode 2.5: The Golden Striker:
A Northern General Leyland National just edges into this sequence in traffic:
Episode 2.6: At the End of The Day:
Two glimpses, what appears to be a Mercedes minibus, and a full size coach (Van Hool bodied?)
Episode 3.1: The More Things Change:
Mark Dolan identifies this Bristol LH/Eastern Coachworks as WHN582M, new as United Automobile 1582, but by this time acquired by Bedlington and District:
This bus had been a driver trainer with Northern General:
Episode 3.5: Best Friends:
Glimpse of a Newcastle Busways Leyland Atlantean/Alexander, then a line of Alexander bodied single deckers coming in the other direction: