Sliders (Fox then SciFi Channel scifi series, 1995-2000)

A red Bristol Lodekka FLF is seen posing as a London bus in San Francisco, but actually filmed in Vancouver. The fleet name 'Ensign Bus Lines' is seen on the side! Can anyone suggest an ID for the FLF?

Episode: 2:13 As Time Goes By
The Sliders are arrested by the Immigration Department and picked up in a white bus.

Episode: 2:16 Time Again and World
Story in which the Sliders arrive in a world which is a mirror of their own features a stock clip of San Francisco car 42.

Episode: 3:4 The Guardian
A glimpse of San Francisco streetcars.

Episode: Easy Slider 5:10
The Sliders arrive in the middle of nowhere and flag down a bus to get into town. It transpires that the local buses are hydrogen powered, with a maximum speed of 40mph.