Oh No, It's Selwyn Froggitt! (Yorkshire TV comedy series, 1974-7)

Rob Sissons recalls an episode in which our hero Selwyn (played by Bill Maynard) takes a group of pensioners on a trip to the seaside. "They went on an old open-top half-cab double decker and he had an argument with the conductor. The bus may have been a Bristol Lodekka but I wouldn't be sure. It definitely wasn't in National Bus company livery." Anyone else remember this? I can't vouch for the above sighting, but these two appear courtesy of stronghold:

Episode 1.1:
This bus is so far unidentified - I'd speculate it's a Leyland Tiger Cub, but it could be an AEC Reliance:
Episode 2.3:
This may be the episode mentioned by Rob Sissons - this is MYG137P, a Bedford VAS5/Plaxton new to Clayforth of Guiseley in 1976

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