Mission: Impossible (CBS thriller series, 1988)

Episode 1.01 The Killer
Partially set in London, but filmed in Brisbane, Australia, augmented by stock footage of London. The attempts to merge the two sources together are crude, to say the least. The London segment opens with stock footage of two London Transport AEC Routemasters, followed by a Setra coach and a distant DMS type Daimler Fleetline:
The visual clue of the Fleetline is picked up by the next view. OK, it's in London Transport red with white roundels, but this is a former Sydney Leyland Atlantean with Pressed Metal Corporation body. Black London taxis are easier to find for filming:
More stock footage with two Routemasters, then back to the Atlantean:
This, however, it a bit different, a local Bedford BLP2 with Domino Hedges bodywork and a fake UK registration plate:
Unclear what this Brisbane Transport bus is from this angle:
More stock London footage, as a Routemaster passes an AEC Reliance of Armchair:
This is followed by repeated footage of the Atlantean, then another local bus passes as it pulls away from a bus stop:
One more view of the Atlantean, showing the oddly oldfashioned windscreen arrangement:
(thanks Noel Baxendale)

Episode 1.14 Spy:
Features this distinctive Reo Gold Comet:
Episode 2.03 The Princess:
More London stock footage, this time an RML type AEC Routemaster at night, passing the Harrods department store:

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