Minder (Thames comedy drama series, 1979-94)

Episode: 2:06 The Beer Hunter
Graeme Selway notes "Several shots, both internal and external, of Yorkshire Traction Leyland Leopard/Plaxton 158 (DAK 258V) in 'National' white on the M1, coming into London and then in Victoria Coach Station. Nice attention to detail given the plot surrounded a Yorkshire friend of Arthur's who needs to get to VCS in time to meet his wife arriving on board said YTC coach."
Early in the episode there's a glimpse of a double decker in what looks like Southampton Corporation colours, also a blurred Routemaster:
There's plenty of footage of the Tracky coach:
The Victoria Coach Station footage (shot 1980) has a number of Plaxton and Duple-bodied coaches in a variety of National Bus Company liveries. The green local coach liveried Plaxton coach is I think from Southdown; the red is an Oxford-South Midland Leopard/Duple Dominant:
If I recall correctly, this Duple Dominant II coach is an AEC Reliance from Lewis of Greenwich:
Episode: 3:13 In
Features unique London Transport AEC Routemaster/Weymann prototype RM3 (SLT58). "It is wearing its original 1960s livery, which is surprising as the episode was made in 1982. The bus was used as the setting for a massive fight between star Dennis Waterman and one of his enemies. The fight even includes a seat cushion being thrown through one of the upper deck windows completely smashing the glass, plus an excellent scene with them fighting on the platform whilst the bus was moving." (thanks Alan Jones)
It's not the only Routemaster in the episode, though. Early on a distant standard RM is glimpsed:
.....but more interesting are two different London Transport driver trainers, the first a forward entrance example new as a BEA airport bus:
The second is a former Green Line RMC coach:
Episode: 7.2 It's a Sorry Lorry Morrie
Two characters steal a truck; they stand talking to the driver between three or four R & I Coaches midi coaches. (thanks Ian Hardie). The wide view shows a number of assorted vehicles, but the only clearly identifiable coach is TRM612S, a Bedford VAS5/Duple:
Episode: 7.06 The Wrong Goodbye
Arthur finds himself out of his element riding a London Metrobus. It's London Buses M977 (A977SYF)     (thanks Graeme Selway)
Episode: 8.12 The Coach That Came in From the Cold
"In this episode the local police sell Arthur Daley a coach. He takes the coach to Heathrow airport with Ray driving, and fills it up with tourists for the trip back to London. The coach then breaks down and the passengers have to bump start it. The police end up buying it back at an inflated price. The vehicle used is H808VCY fleet number 7519 in a plain green livery, body mid entrance possibly by Marshalls. Both interior and exterior shots." (thanks Ian Hardie)