The Hanged Man (Yorkshire TV thriller serial, 1975)

Crime thriller. After several attempts on his life, businessman Lew Burnett (Colin Blakeley) disappears and plays 'dead' to find out who wanted to kill him.
Episode 1:
As Blakely limps across country, a Wallace Arnold Bedford VAS5/Plaxton passes further up the hill. It's either KUM518L or KUM519L:
When he makes it into town (Knaresborough), he changes clothes and boards West Yorkshire 1308 (FWW383J), a Bristol RELL6G with Eastern Coachworks body new in 1970 and originally numbered SRG108. The bus then exits stage left; the driver is waved out by his colleague across the street sitting in a series 1 or series 2 Bristol VRTSL/Eastern Coachworks, also of West Yorkshire. Ed Linton advises "1308 is departing from the stand for Stockwell Estate (1/1A) and Aspin Lane (2A). The VR could well be returning from one of the above, or terminating from Harrogate (2). Buses returned from Knaresborough via Harrogate to Bachelor Gardens (1) or New Park (2)."

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