Here Come The Double Deckers (TCF childrens' comedy series, 1970)

Derelict London Transport doubledecker used as a den by a group of children. David Noades at the Official Double Deckers Fan Club website has a page devoted to the bus used by the Double Deckers as their scrapyard den. He identifies the bus as ex-London Transport AEC Regent III RT4790 (registration number OLD827 - Maurice Bateman recalls it as OLD825). It was bought from Isleworth coaches in 1969. The roof and part of the rear of the bus were removed to make an open top open staircase vehicle.
Filming was at Elstree Studios; the bus was not used for location shooting. It was towed to Pinewood Studios in 1972 (where Maurice Bateman noted it out of use in September), and appears to have been used in the Double Deckers sequence in the film Go For a Take.
Episode 1: Tiger Takes Off
Brains builds a hovercraft after seeing one in action - and Tiger takes it for a flight. Notable for footage of the SRN2 hovercraft:
The opening credits probably tell you all you need to know about the show - the close up of the rear platform shows the bus isn't as old as they'd have you believe:
The external footage includes a pair of London Transport AEC Routemasters at Trafalgar Square and a casually parked RT:

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