The Gentle Touch (London Weekend crime series, 1980-4)

Notable as the first UK crime series with a female character as the lead (just months before the BBC's Juliet Bravo).
Episode 5.09: Secrets:
Unusually this episode has substantial location footage.Within sight of Nelson's Column, two London Transport AEC Routemasters approach the camera, while a Duple Laser bodied coach in National Holidays livery follows an unidentified bus towards Trafalgar Square. The lead RM on route 77can't be identified, but the second is RM83 (VLT83) on route 1:
This Routemaster on route 13 appears to be RML2616 (SMK616F), carrying the swan logo of Leaside District:
More Routemasters in traffic, including RML2701 (SMK701F), an RM from Tottenham (AR) garage, and a glimpse of the squirrel logo of Forest District:
Two interior views, including a conductress at work:
....and more classic views of Routemasters in traffic, including another of RM83:

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