Forever Knight (Columbia-Tristar vampire police series, 1989-96)

Before the fashion for zombie TV series, there were vampire cop shows. Nick Knight fights crime in twentieth century Toronto.

Episode 1.21 Fatal Mistake
Knight chases a suspect onto a bus. It's a GM Newlook 'Fishbowl', oddly in the livery of Capital Metro of Austin, Texas, carrying fleet number 442:
Episode 2.04 Bad Blood
Atmospheric dusk glimpse of a passing Toronto Transit Commission streetcar:
Episode 2.26 Blood Money
Two separate glimpses of probably the same TTC streetcar in the same footage:
Episode 2.18 The Fix
A distant Greyhound MCI-12 of Peterborough, Ontario-based Trentway-Wagar:

Episode 3.05 Blind Faith

A blind woman is menaced by a stranger on a bus. Her guide dog intervenes and the man leaves. The bus is a GM Fishbowl, carrying fleet number 8236:
There's another view of a TTC streetcar:

Episode 3.12 Strings
Another outing for GM Fishbowl 8236:

(all these screencaptures, and in fact screencaptures for all 'Forever Knight' episodes) can be found at The Knight Watchman, a 'Forever Knight' fan site by Nancy A Taylor, to whom much thanks.)