Festivals Britannia (BBC documentary, 2011)

A look at the evolution of British music festivals has plenty of interest for the bus enthusiast. Footage of London buses passing the CND march to Aldermaston includes a distant AEC RF, an unidentified RT family 'decker and a Leyland RTL:
This RT can't quite be identified:
Bob Dylan arrives in Britain, and there's a TWA Bedford VAL/Marshall behind him!
A night shot of an unidentified Daimler Fleetline or Leyland Atlantean near Bickershaw Festival in Lancashire, 1972:
...and then we see all manner of festival fare. This looks like a Bristol K:
An inevitable police Bedford VAS/Duple Midland, methinks:
A Plaxton-bodied coach, probably a Bedford SB. The livery suggests originally Tappins of Didcot; certainly Tappins CBK504C became a travellers' bus:
Shark-mouthed Harrington Cavalier and assorted Plaxtons:
Maybe Duple:
Leyland Titan with a St Helens style front:
JVO233 was originally Barton 516, a 1948 Leyland Titan PD1 with lowbridge Duple bodywork:
AEC Reliance/Harrington Cavalier YFR477, new to Abbotts of Blackpool:
Bedford VAS5/Willowbrook CWX431F:
A motley collection - say what you see. The white Harrington Cavalier may be the one already noted:
URU980, a 1957 Bedford SB3/Plaxton Consort new to Excelsior of Bournemouth, in company with another coach and what might be an AEC Regent V:
This general shot includes a Plaxton-bodied ex Barton coach and what might be another ex Tappins coach, but in the foreground this Bedford OB/Duple is I believe AEP849:
Modified Bedford SB/Duple:
More modern Plaxtons under attack:
The Bristol SUL4A/Eastern Coachworks in the background is EDV531D - we get a closer look at its registration plate:
Is this a glimpsed Trojan on the edge of the frame?
Former London Country GS-class Guy Special/Eastern Coachworks: