First of the Summer Wine (BBC sitcom, 1988-9)

Set in Yorkshire in 1939. "This spin off from Last of the Summer Wine featured the early years of the cast of that programme as young people in the years before the Second World War. The only established star was Peter Sallis who played what was in effect his own father!" (thanks Chris Hough) Episode 1.1:
Features preserved JC5313, a 1933 Roberts bodied Guy Wolf new to Llandudno Urban District Council (thanks Terry Jones):
Seen inside and out is Sheffield 513, an anachronistic 1950 tram built by Roberts of Wakefield, operating at Beamish Museum:
Episode 1.2:
Another anachronism - 1951 Bedford OB/Duple PPC275:
Episode 1.4
PPC275 appears again, albeit distantly:
Episode 1.5
Featured is another tram working at Beamish, Leeds 180, a 1931 Horsfield car:
Season 2 features PPC275 in several episodes, including footage repeated in the opening credits of three.
Episode 2.1:
Episode 2.2:
Episode 2.3:
Episode 2.4:
Episode 2.5: