Donovan Quick (BBC drama, 2000)

This story of a little bus ('Quick and Pannick') company taking on a big bus company featured two Alexander-bodied Seddons SSX604V and SSX609V and a large number of vehicles from Hutchison of Overtown. Bob Wingrove supplied these screencaps.
The bus rescued, rebuilt and run by Quick and Pannick is SSX609V, a Seddon Pennine 7 with Alexander body:

The big bus company is 'played' by Hutchison, and there are some views of their buses parked up:

We also see Hutchison's P995RHS, a 1996 Optare Vecta, that is, a MAN 11.190 with Optare body:

The big bus company brings in an impostor, another Seddon Pennine 7, SSX604V, in the same livery but with fleetname 'Pannick and Quick'. The result is a hair-raising race betwen the two buses:

There's also a view of a long line of Hutchisons buses:

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