Sitcom set in mid-1990s Derry/Londonderry, about the teenage Catholic school lives of the ubiquitious girls... and an English boy in the midst of The Troubles.

Series 1, Episode 1 sees the main characters walking past a lineup of Ulsterbus school buses - the first one in frame is 235 (WOI 2235) and the second being an unidentified Bristol RE - both likely preserved by the Irish Transport Trust. Another unidentified example is visible through the school coach window in the next scene.

The school makes use of ex-Ulsterbus Tiger KIB 9659 - possibly a prop plate? - with the blue painted yellow and the school crest on each side. In a typical show of daily life in The Troubles, the bus is searched at an army-RUC checkpoint. Strangely enough, it carries a Dennis badge?

Series 2, Episode 1 brings about Protestant school pupils to a unity team-building day that doesn't quite end well. If I recall, the Protestant school bus was a Mercedes-Benz minibus of some sort.

Series 2, Episode 3 entails the gang heading to Belfast on the 212 for a Take That concert. Their first means of getting there, though stopped when an 'unclaimed' suitcase full of vodka (owned by one of the girls) is blown up in a controlled explosion, involves travelling on preserved Ulsterbus Leyland Leopard 274 - YOI 2274.