Department S (ITC thriller series, 1969-70)

Episode 1.01: Six Days
An airliner's arrival at London's Heathrow Airport six days late allows for good footage of airport buses. First seen in darkness is a BEA Bedford VAL with Marshall body, although the vehicle on the left is not seen clearly enough. As it turns there's a Plaxton bodied coach parked, then more similar parked in front of the Terminal building, plus a BEA AEC Routemaster with a trailer:
A further view of the same area as it starts to get light shows two Routemasters among assorted coaches, and in the foreground a bus with a shamrock on the roof. I trust this is working for Aer Lingus:
In daylight we see a BEA Routemaster with trailer, and as it passes we see at least two BEA Bedford VALs:
A parked BOAC Leyland Atlantean/Metro-Cammell, complete with Atlantean badge, is surrounded by other BOAC vehicles:
A sniper prepares to shoot a man crossing the airport apron, and in the background are seen Bedford trailer buses and Duple bodied Bedford SBs. As the victim lies on the tarmac, another Bedford SB can be seen behind:
Episode 1.03: A Cellar Full of Silence
A piece of black and white film shown during the episode ostensibly features a student Rag Week event in St Johns Wood, but the rear entrance bus in the background is not in London Transport livery. I'm open to offers, but my guess is Southampton Corporation!
Episode 1.05: One of Our Aircraft is Empty
More footage of Heathrow Airport, and this time we see an assortment of BEA buses, including Bedford trailer buses, Park Royal bodied 4RF4 type AEC RFs, and also in the foreground one of ten standard Metro-Cammell RFs bought from London Transport by BEA:
Another shot shows an unidentified coach on the apron, followed by the roofs of BEA RFs outside the terminal, and in black and white part of a bus abroad:
This stock footage of a London Transport Red Arrow AEC Merlin/Strachan followed by an AEC Routemaster has appeared in several TV shows:
Episode 1.08: Black Out
Opens with a passing unidentified London Transport AEC Routemaster in Piccadilly Circus at night:

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