Boon (Central TV drama series, 1986-95)

Ex fireman Boon (Michael Elphick) does a variety of jobs to earn an honest crust, assisted in later shows by Rocky (Neil Morrisey long before his stint as Bob the Builder). Amiable but lightweight drama has remarkably little street footage considering the stars get about on motorcycles. Seasons 1 to 3 are filmed in Birmingham, 4 to 7 in Nottingham.
Episode 1.12:
Boon drives a van in traffic; two West Midlands Travel 'deckers pass in the other direction, probably Daimler Fleetlines:
Episode 2.03:
A passing West Midlands Travel MCW Metrobus 2 in traffic:
Episode 2.06:
A distant Leyland-National, I believe with West Midlands Travel:
Episode 2.07:
Identifiable is the rear corner of West Midlands Travel 2842 (B842AOP), a 1985 MCW Metrobus 2, also a Daimler Fleetline and a second Metrobus 2:
Episode 3.08: Something different - E714GNH, a 1988 Toyota HB31R with Caetano Optimo coachwork in the smart livery of Cofton Coaches of Birmingham:
Episode 4.10:
A woman (played by Frances Tomelty) runs for a bus, but fails to catch it. The bus is Nottingham Transport 666 (ARC666T), a 1978 Leyland Atlantean with Northern Counties body and many features that were at the time futuristic, including electronic destination displays and an impact resistant front bumper. As such it was exhibited at the 1978 Commercial Motor Show, and is now preserved:
She's later seen against a background of two more conventional Atlanteans:
Episode 4.11:
Brief rear view of a late model Nottingham Transport Leyland Atlantean, possibly 463 (SNU463X):
There's also a Mercedes L608D minibus:
Episode 4.12:
A mediaeval joust, and this Ford R series has a platform built onto the roof:
Episode 5.05:
Guest star John Hannah escapes from an upstairs room by jumping onto the roof of this Bedford VAS5/Plaxton, YCX878V:
As the coach leaves, it's followed by Neil Morrisey's character on his motorcycle:

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