Buses on Screen - NEW SIGHTINGS


16 March 2017: Faith and Henry (London Weekend TV drama, 1969):- former Rochdale AEC Regent III.

16 March 2017: September (1996, Jacqueline Bisset, Edward Fox, Michael York et al):- former Western Scottish Leopard in Midland Scottish livery.

16 March 2017: London Kills Me (1991, Justin Chadwick, Fiona Shaw, Brad Dourif):- Reading Transport Metrobus 154.

16 March 2017: Bread (1971, Nigel Anthony, Peter Marinker):- Southern Vectis Bristols and Bedfords, West Wight Bedford VAL, Portsmouth Corporation Atlantean.

15 March 2017: Sally in Our Alley (1931, Gracie Fields, Ian Hunter, Florence Desmond):- Leyland Titan TD1 and Tiger TS3 of Premier Line.

22 January 2017: Mrs 'Arris Goes to Paris (1992, Angela Lansbury, Diana Rigg):- preserved London Transport RT1777 and an unidentified Air France airport bus.

22 January 2017: Bachelor of Arts (1969, Michael Bentine):- distant East Kent AEC Regent V.

22 January 2017: Framed (Anglia TV miniseries, 1992):- London Buses Leyland Titan.

22 January 2017: My Brother's Keeper (1949, Jack Warner, George Cole):- Leyland Tiger DUU715 - improved screen captures.

22 January 2017: The Shillingbury Blowers? (1980, Robin Nedwell, Diane Keen, Trevor Howard):- Bedford VAS DNK50K.

14 January 2017: All Creatures Great and Small (BBC drama series, 1978-90):- Guy Wolf, two Bedford OBs, United Bristol L and King Alfred Dennis 30cwt.

14 January 2017: Bread (BBC sitcom, 1986-91):- an Italian, Mercedes, a North Western 'Queen Mary' and Dennis Dominator coach.

8 January 2017: My Brother Jonathan (1948, Michael Denison, Dulcie Gray):- LGOC B-type

8 January 2017: What a Crazy World (1963, Joe Brown, Sharon Maughan, Marty Wilde, et al):- London Transport RTL358 and RT2669.

8 January 2017: Tinker (1949, dir Herbert Marshall):- United Automobile Bristol J

8 January 2017: Skid Kids (1953, dir Don Chaffey):- London Transport RT4084.

27 December 2016: Mr Majeika (TVS children's series, 1988-90):- Leyland Comet/Harrington, AEC Regal and Dennis Ace.

27 December 2016: Edge of Tomorrow (2014, Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt):- unidentified Volvo/Wright double deckers.

27 December 2016: The Christmas Tree (1966, William Burleigh, Kate Nicholls):- Thames Valley Bristol Lodekka (no screencaps yet)

27 December 2016: Commuter Husbands (1974, Gabrielle Drake, Robin Bailey):- Grey Green and Amsterdam Leyland Leopards.

27 December 2016: The BFG (2016, Mark Rylance):- AEC Routemaster crossing Westminster Bridge

27 December 2016: Once a Sinner (1950, Jack Watling, Pat Kirkwood):- Westcliff on Sea AEC Regent open topper, and a Bedford WTB (no screencaps yet).