14 July 2019: Idol on Parade (1959, William Bendix, Anthony Newley, Anne Aubrey et al):- RTL951.

13 July 2019: Welfare of the Workers (1940, dir Humphrey Jennings):- Albion coach and Daimler COA.

13 July 2019: Mrs Dalloway (1997, Vanessa Redgrave, Natascha McElhone):- London General K and S.

10 July 2019: Penny Journey (1938, dir Humphrey Jennings):- Manchester Corporation Crossley Mancunian.

10 July 2019: S W A L K aka Melody (1971, Mark Lester, Jack Wild, Tracy Hyde):- improved screencaps; identifiable are RM121, RM268, RM402, RTL453 and RT1095.

30 June 2019: Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story (2018, Johnny Vegas, Frank Sidebottom, Ross Noble et al):- former Southport Leyland Titan PD2.

30 June 2019: Three For All (1975, Adrienne Posta, Lesley North, Cheryl Hall):- Bedford VAM and Mercedes O319.

30 June 2019: London Kills (BBC crime series, 2019- ):- various London buses.

25 June 2019: 7 of 1 (BBC comedy anthology, 1973):- early Ford Transit.

25 June 2019: Strangers in Good Company (1990, Alice Diabo, Beth Webber et al):- GMC Vandura.

15 June 2019: A Dark Adapted Eye (BBC crime drama, 1994):- Dennis Ace and Bedford OWB.

15 June 2019: Summer of Rockets (BBC miniseries, 2019):- Green Line AEC Regal T499c.

11 June 2019: Armchair Thriller (ABC - Thames thriller anthology series, 1978-82):- screencap added of a Portsmouth Transport Leyland-National.

11 June 2019: All Star Comedy Carnival (ITV comedy compilation, 1969-73):- Eastern National Bristol Lodekka 2917 in a specially written 'On the Buses' sketch.

9 June 2019: Torn (ITV miniseries, 2007):- Carousel Buses DAF SB220.

3 June 2019: Choices For Tomorrow (BBC opinion series, 1975):- Oxford South Midland AEC Renowns, Daimler Fleetlines, Bristol VRTs, Ford R1014s and the Carterton Dial a Ride Ford Transit.

3 June 2019: Schoolgirl Chums (BBC drama, 1982):- Bedford WLB.

3 June 2019: Near and Far (BBC schools programme, 1975-88):- episode shot in Northampton featuring Daimler CVG6s and single deck Fleetlines, also Leyland Nationals.

29 May 2019: Dorian Grey (1970, Helmut Berger, Richard Todd):- RM2020 and RTL1557.

27 May 2019: Lost Dogs (2005, Ron Moody, Lesley Joseph, Tom Watt):- Dodge S56

27 May 2019: The Wild One (1954, Marlon Brando, Lee Marvin):- screencaps added of Flxible Clippers.

27 May 2019: White Oleander (2002, Alison Lohman, Michelle Pfeiffer et al):- screencaps added of an International Harvester schoolie, a pair of MCI MC-12s and a Blue Bird.

25 May 2019: The Missing Scientists (1955, Paul Campbell, Irene Papas):- screencaps added of a Southdown Leyland Tiger Cub and BEA AEC RF airport coaches.