Buses on Screen - NEW SIGHTINGS


12 June 2017: Poirot (1989-2014): - rare Brossel AB6DS, Morris Commercial char a banc, Dennis Ace, AEC S, etc etc..

5 June 2017: Home From Home (2016 drama documentary): - preserved 1932 Dennis Lancet I.

5 June 2017: A Touch of Love (1969, Sandy Dennis, Ian McKellen): - Interior of an unidentifiable London Transport RT or RTL.

31 May 2017: Going Places: The Story of Sunderland Transport (1955 documentary): - a detailed look at the Sunderland Corporation fleet in 1955, including Daimler CVG5s, CVG6s, a CWD6, Guy Arabs, Crossley DD42s and an AEC Regent III.

28 May 2017: War of the Colossal Beast (1958, Sally Fraser, Roger Pace):- Greyhound GM 'Silversides' 549.

28 May 2017: Love in Pawn (1952, Barbara Murray, Bernard Braden):- good footage of London Transport 'pre-war' RT28.

28 May 2017: Unpublished Story (1942, Richard Greene):- London Transport STL424.

28 May 2017: The Day of the Triffids (1963, Howard Keel, Janette Scott):- crashed RT family 'decker.

27 May 2017: When Saturday Comes (1996, Sean Bean, Emily Lloyd, Pete Postlethwaite):- Sheffield Mainline Volvo B10M/Alexander 690.

27 May 2017: Track the Man Down (1955, Kent Taylor, Petula Clark):- Bedford OWB rebody KPA836.

27 May 2017: Chain of Events (1958, Dermot Walsh, Susan Shaw, Kenneth Griffith):- London Transport RT1181 and F1 trolleybus 654.

27 May 2017: Mirror Mirror (Gibson Group (New Zealand) children's television series, 1995-8):- Stagecoach Wellington trolleybuses.

21 May 2017: Castaway (1986, Amanda Donohoe, Oliver Reed):- London traffic, including RM, T and various others.

21 May 2017: Closing Numbers (1992, Jane Asher, Tim Woodward):- screencaps added of a Southern National Mercedes minibus.

21 May 2017: 55 Degrees North (BBC police serial, 2004-5)):- screencaps added of a Travelsure Mercedes minibus.

17 May 2017: Peter Kay's Car Share (BBC sitcom, 2015-7):- an assortment of buses from Stagecoach Manchester, First Manchester, Arriva North West, also independents.

17 May 2017: Zoo Baby (1957, Angela Baddeley, Maurice Kaufmann):- London Transport RT2295 at Chessington Zoo.

17 May 2017: Visit of RMS Caronia to Bangor (1955):- Various UTA bodied Leyland Royal Tigers.

17 May 2017: LGOC Tour: Sutton to Reigate (1922):- LGOC K928.

17 May 2017: Children's Excursion (1952):- Scottish Bedford OBs, Commer Commandos and a Leyland Tiger.

17 May 2017: Clean Air Bus (1973):- Teeside LPG powered Daimler Fleetline.

17 May 2017: No Tumbled House (1955, dir Michael Grigsby):- City of Oxford AEC Regents.