7 June 2020: The Proud Valley (1940, Paul Robeson):- Humphries, Pontypridd Leyland Cheetah.

7 June 2020: Bright Hair (BBC drama, 1997):- Wycombe Bus Leyland-National and Lynx.

1 June 2020: Hart to Hart (Columbia crime series, 1979-84):- Southern Vectis Bristol Lodekka in California.

1 June 2020: The Ragman's Daughter (1972, Simon Rouse, Victoria Tennant, Patrick O'Connell):- Nottingham Transport Leyland Titans and Atlantean:

1 June 2020: A Day of One's Own (1956, British Transport Films):- London Transport RT and Northern Roadways AEC Regal IV.

1 June 2020: A Place to Go (1963, Rita Tushingham, Mike Sarne):- London Transport RT232.

1 June 2020: Opportunity at Sizewell (1982 promotional film):- Eastern Counties Bristol VRT on school duty.

1 June 2020: My Zinc Bed (2008, Paddy Considine, Uma Thurman, Jonathan Price):- various London buses including East Thames Buses VWL2.

1 June 2020: Would You Believe It! (1929, Walter Forde, Pauline Johnson):- AEC NS and a small unidentified bus.

1 June 2020: Helter Skelter (1949, David Tomlinson, Carol Marsh, Mervyn Johns et al):- AEC NS and a small unidentified bus seen in footage from Would You Believe It!.

1 June 2020: The Inspector Wears Skirts IV (1992, Cynthia Khan, Sandra Kwan Yue Ng, Moon Lee):- Hong Kong Citybus Leyland Olympian.

24 May 2020: The Heart is Highland (British Transport Films documentary, 1952):- Walter Alexander Bedford OWB.

24 May 2020: T2 Trainspotting (Ewan McGregor, Ewan Bremner, Robert Carlyle):- Sequel to 1996’s Trainspotting features a number of modern Lothian Buses vehicles - including a set of scenes where a Lothian’s 364 is actually featured in the plot!

23 April 2020: Joe Lycett's Got Your Back (Channel 4 comedic consumer affairs programme, 2019-):- Open-top AEC Routemaster RM1783 crosses the Mersey Gateway Bridge in support of Merseyway Awareness Day (M.A.D) with special guests!

5 April 2020: All Creatures Great and Small (BBC drama series, 1978-90):- misidentified Bedford OB corrected to LYB961.

5 April 2020: Sweet Devil (1938, Bobby Howes, Jean Gillie):- Ford V8.

5 April 2020: Oxford Blues (1984, Rob Lowe, Ally Sheedy, Amanda Pays):- Oxford South Midland Bristol VRTSL3.

5 April 2020: Wayside (1952, promotional film for Wayside Home, West Boldon):- Northern General Guy Arab III.

5 April 2020: Inside Out (BBC magazine series, 2002-):- feature on the Friends of King Alfred and their fleet.

7 March 2020: Limmy's Show! (BBC Scotland comedy sketch series, 2010-13):- Two McColls ex-Dublin Volvo Olympians, one of which is prominently features its interior.

1 March 2020: Neverwhere (BBC adventure fantasy miniseries, 1996):- MTL London MCW Metrobus and Stagecoach Selkent Volvo Olympian.

1 March 2020: The Squeaker (1937, Edmund Lowe, Ann Todd):- screencaps added - London Transport AEC STL.

1 March 2020: The Squeaker (1963, Heinz Drache, Barbara Rütting):- London Transport AEC RT4406.

25 February 2020: Apocalypse: La Deuxième Guerre Mondiale (National Geographic documentary series, 2009):- Berlin Bussings, London AECs, Jersey Leyland Titan.

22 February 2020: Vodafone 5G (2020 TV advertisement):- GM 'Fishbowl'.

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