12 May 2019: Goodbye Gemini (1970, Judy Geeson, Martin Potter):- Leyland Leopard/Plaxton in Pan Am livery.

6 May 2019: The Tall Guy (1989, Jeff Goldblum, Emma Thompson):- DAF MB230/Caetano.

6 May 2019: A1: Britain's Longest Road (BBC documentary series, 2017-):- RM931.

6 May 2019: A Wreath of Roses (BBC drama, 1987):- City of Oxford 703 - AEC Regal III.

6 May 2019: Petit Biscuit - Problems (music video):- Former Belfast Citybus Bristol RELL.

30 April 2019: Les Profs 2 AKA Serial Teachers 2 (2015, Kev Adams):- Former Belfast Citybus Bristol RELL.

17 April 2019: Too Hot to Handle (1960, Jayne Mansfield, Christopher Lee):- RTW, RTL and RFW.

15 April 2019: The Love She Sought (1990, Angela Lansbury, Denholm Elliott):- Dublin Bus Bombardier GMDD.

14 April 2019: Petulia (1968, Julie Christie, George C Scott, Richard Chamberlain):- SF Muni White and Macks.

14 April 2019: I Don't Want to Be Born (1975, Joan Collins, Eileen Atkins, Ralph Bates):- RM396.

14 April 2019: Murder with Mirrors (1985, Helen Hayes, Bette Davis, John Mills):- RML2288.

13 April 2019: Alfie Darling (1975, Alan Price, Jill Townsend):- Marshall bodied Bedford VAL14.

13 April 2019: The Antiques Roadshow (BBC reality show 1979-):- Leicester, Delaine and Bristol Omnibus preserved buses.

6 April 2019: The Fugitive Futurist (1924, dir Gaston Quiribet):- London General AEC Ks.

6 April 2019: A Bear Behind (BBC children's show, 1990):- bits of the London Transport Museum.

6 April 2019: The Wayward Bus (1957, Jayne Mansfield, Joan Collins, Dan Dailey):- screencaps added of a Dodge and two ACF-Brills.

6 April 2019: That Day We Sang (2014, Michael Ball, Imelda Staunton):- Manchester Corporation Leyland Atlantean 'Mancunian' 1001.

6 April 2019: Underground (1928, Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen):- London General NS39 onb route 24.

2 April 2019: Tuesday's Documentary (BBC documentary strand, 1968-83):- AEC Reliance coach.

21 March 2019: Sutherland's Law (BBC legal drama, 1973-6):- Highland Albion Viking.

21 March 2019: Moving Millions (1947, Crown Film Unit):- London Qs, Gs, STLs, LTs, STDs.

21 March 2019: London on the Move (1970, British Transport Films):- London XMSs, MBAs and RMs.

21 March 2019: Stan and Ollie (2018, Steve Coogan, John C Reilly):- Sunbeam trolleybuses from Walsall and Wolverhampton, RT and RTL.

13 March 2019: All That Mighty Heart (1962, British Transport Films):- various RTs, RTLs, RTWs, RFs.

11 March 2019: Play For Today: Who's Who (BBC drama, 1979):- RM625.

10 March 2019: Der Bucklige von Soho (1966, G√ľnther Stoll, Pinkas Braun, Monika Peitsch):- Bristol MW and Leyland Leopard.

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