10 December 2019: The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950, Alistair Sim, Margaret Rutherford):- improved screencaps of DRV116, WS Hunt coaches Commer MPA402 and Foden LPC187, and finally an ID for the Bedford OB, Hants and Sussex GHO322..

10 December 2019: Between Two Women (2004, Barbara Marten, Andrina Carroll, Andrew Dunn):- AEC Regent IIIs of Bradford and Huddersfield Corporations:

10 December 2019: Play For Today: The Hallelujah Handshake (BBC drama, 1970):- London Transport AEC Merlin.

10 December 2019: Bronski Beat - Small Town Boy :- improved screencaps of the AEC factory at Southall, including London Transport Leyland B20 Fleetlines, Scania Metropolitans and AEC Routemasters.

10 December 2019: Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width (1973, John Bluthal, Joe Lynch, Yootha Joyce):- AEC Routemaster and RT.

2 December 2019: Miami Vice (Universal police series, 1985-9):- An opener describing two episodes I can distinctly remember the buses of - 'No Exit' and Miami Metrobus, and 'The Prodigal Son' and the New York MTA.

24 November 2019: Yesterday's Hero (1979, Ian McShane):- Leyland Leopard/Harrington - and a view of the coach park at Wembley Stadium.

24 November 2019: Yesterday (2019, Himesh Patel, Lily James):- ex Halton Optare Solo.

20 November 2019: The Face of Britain (1935, dir Paul Rotha):- United Automobile saloons.

20 November 2019: Tolkien (2019, Nicholas Hoult, Lily Collins):- London General S454.

17 November 2019: Tourette de France (2007, Keith Allen):- RML2635.

16 November 2019: True Blue (1996, Johan Leysen, Dominic West, Dylan Baker):- Marshall bodied Dennis Dart.

16 November 2019: The Upchat Connection (Thames TV sitcom, 1978):- Bedford VAS/Duple Dominant.

16 November 2019: The Upchat Line (Thames TV sitcom, 1977):- London Transport RT935 (improved screencaps).

16 November 2019: Time Without Pity (1957, Leo McKern, Michael Redgrave):- screencaps added featuring BEA RFs, RTL824, RT3008.

7 November 2019: The Met: Policing London (BBC documentary series, 2015-):- Vicious attack aboard Stagecoach London 12384 results in a police inquiry and a forensic investigation.

6 November 2019: The Upchat Line (Thames TV sitcom, 1977):- London Transport RT935.

4 November 2019: Fast and Furious 6 (2013, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Paul Walker):- Dennis Trident, Leyland-National, National Greenway.

2 November 2019: The Camomile Lawn (Channel 4 mini series, 1992):- Leyland RTL masquerading as an STD.

2 November 2019: High Hopes (1988, Phil Davis, Ruth Sheen, Edna Doré et al):- Green Line STL1

2 November 2019: Hilary and Jackie (1998, Emily Watson, Rachel Griffiths):- RT2794 masquerading as RT1924.

2 November 2019: Brides of Christ (Australian Broadcasting Corporation mini-series, 1991):- Bedford OB and Leyland Royal Tiger Worldmaster.

29 October 2019: Sometimes Always Never (2018, Bill Nighy, Sam Riley, Alice Lowe):- Ribble Leyland-National 2.

29 October 2019: Friends (Sean Bury, Anicée Alvina):- Berliet PH4.

29 October 2019: Drei Damen vom Grill (SDR comedy series, 1977-92):- cartoon Büssing DE.

29 October 2019: City Lights (BBC comedy series, 1984-91):- Bedford OB and AEC Routemaster in Glasgow.

29 October 2019: One Perfect Day (European Broadcasting Union short film, 1998):- Nottingham Renault S56.

28 October 2019: Casino Royale (1967, David Niven, Peter Sellers, Ursula Andress):- London Transport RTL848.

28 October 2019: Switch (Touchpaper-ITV2 comedy drama, 2012):- London United Scania N94UD.

28 October 2019: Something in the City (1950, Richard Hearne):- screencaps added of various RTs and STLs, also an STD.

28 October 2019: A Damsel in Distress (1937, Fred Astaire, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joan Fontaine):- fake American STL with a convincing but fake registration.

28 October 2019: This Above All (1942, Tyrone Power, Joan Fontaine):- fake American STL again:

28 October 2019: Major Barbara (1941, Wendy Hiller, Rex Harrison et al):- screencap added of London Transport STL289.

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