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Waterloo Bridge Old and New (1925, British Pathe News)
The two bridges are seen being used together for traffic, one in each direction. A London NS passes on service 33, another passes a horse and cart on the bridge itself.

West Bromwich Bus Strike (1955, British Pathe News)
Many West Bromwich buses are seen parked out of use, the most clearly being 179 (KEA179), a West Bromwich Daimler CVG6/Metro-Cammell. Also seen are West Bromwich 62, 108, JOJ160.

Wheeled Progress (1931, British Pathe News)
Opens with a London trolleybus passing the camera. There follows footage of steam trams and horse trams in Leeds, then brief footage from Newcastle and buses in traffic in London. The Leeds footage appears to be from the early 1900s.

Woburn Love-In (1967, British Pathe News)
Footage of this crazy event at Woburn Abbey opens with a multicoloured Austin K van; also seen is a maroon/cream doubledecker with 'Newcastle Ladies Wrestling Team' on the side; this vehicle retains a 'Lufthansa' side advert. Outtakes from this clip have some coach park scenes, including BPR 70B, a Bedford VAL14/Plaxton of Hoare, Weymouth. (Thanks Martin Ingle)

World News (1950, British Pathe News)
Part of this report concerns the launch of two Foden 'Lincolnshire Luxury Pullman' coaches. Sir Edward Boyle is seen throwing a glass of champagne over the radiator of one of these coaches and uncovering a plate showing the name 'City of Birmingham'. The interior footage shows these vehicles have two floors but only one gangway! The coaches are also seen out on the road. Peter Tulloch explains: "In June 1950 Allenways of Birmingham licensed two Foden PVFE6 (two stroke engine) coaches with Lincs Trailer 'half decker' bodies, which confused the traffic commissioners to begin with.
Were they single deckers - and therefore subject to single deck rules and regulations - or double deckers and therefore subject to a different set of rules? They eventually decided - typical British compromise - to call them 'half deckers', though I am not sure with which set of rules they had to comply!

Details are: KOC662 & KOC663, chassis nos. 29642 & 29644, both Foden PVFE6/Lincolnshire Trailer HDC43F, Allenways of Birmingham fleet nos. 23 & 24, new June 1950. Neither lasted particularly long, one becoming a van for Kellogg's (of Corn Flakes fame) by 1958; the other had been scrapped by its third or fourth operator by 1962. You can always tell a Foden front engined bus/coach with a two stroke engine from that with a Gardner engine (5LW or 6LW). Just look at the radiator and in particular the starting handle hole; with a Gardner it is dead centre, with a two stroke it is offset to the offside!"

Would You Believe It? No. 14 (1934, British Pathe News)
A little boy, Ernest Johnstone, has a (pedal-powered) double decker bus made for him by his father, which he 'drives' along the street in Brighton accompanied by Thomas Tilling AEC Regent ST983 (GK6259).

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