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Radio Buses (1950, British Pathe News)
A group of people is seen waiting at a bus stop. A London Country scout van used by Chief Inspector Scott passes and radios Dorking garage, which despatches London Country T651 (EYK286) on a relief service 425 to pick the passengers up. Dorking garage plate DS and running number 2 are seen.

Radio Hat (1931, British Pathe News)
Filmed in France: the man with the radio-equipped hat fails to board a (Paris?) open backed motorbus no. 196 so he waits by the side of the road.
Full titles read: "THE RADIO HAT - They say there's nothing new under the sun - this little French idea to while away the 'bus waits must surely be!"

Rail Strike Chaos (undated, British Pathe News)
An Eastern National Bristol LS/ECW is seen leaving Victoria Coach Station, while people are seen boarding a halfcab coach of the same company. London Transport RT2633 (LYF358) is seen leaving a bus stop; BEA deck and a half airport bus AEC Regal IV RF/ Park Royal NLP647 is seen arriving at an airport.

The Road Pullman (1930, British Pathe News)
Depicts the inauguration of the London-Liverpool motorcoach service by Miss Ellen Wilkinson MP. The Merseyside Touring Company coach KD9403 carries 'Merseyside' in the front destination indicator alongside its destination: Liverpool. The coach, a Massey-bodied Tilling-Stevens B10A, was one of a number of vehicles to join Ribble Motor Services when that concern took over Merseyside Touring Company later in 1930. (Many thanks to Dave Farrier for help with the identification)

Merseyside also operated daily from Liverpool to Great Yarmouth via Manchester, Nottingham and Norwich around this time. The return fare from Liverpool to Great Yarmouth was 37 shillings and sixpence (GBP 1.875). The coach departed Liverpool at 0800, arriving at 2145, with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea stops. (Many thanks to Peter Tulloch for this additional information).

Road Sense (1945)
An educational film about children and road safety features London Transport all-Leyland Titan TD4 STD72 (DLU382) on 113 to Edgware.

Royal Holiday (1960, British Pathe News)
Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh are seen in the Orkneys, driving away in a Morris minibus (registration would be visible in the original footage).

School For Skids (1947, British Pathe News)
Footage of London Transport buses in traffic round Trafalgar square then cuts to the London Transport skid school: AEC Regent STL853 (BXD592) is being used as the training bus. An open staircase bus in the background.

Sheffield Stops Work (1935, British Pathe News)
Sheffield Wednesday football team returns home with the FA Cup, carried in two open buses - one is Leyland WJ6504.

Silver Eagle Coach Visits Britain (1962, British Pathe News)
A Continental Trailways Eagle motorcoach (license plate 05.6P.4) on tour in Britain. In one sequence it is pulled over on the M1 by the police for speeding....

The Skidder (1929, British Pathe News)
Opens with footage of what looks like an LGOC B-type on a skidpan.

Snow Blizzard (1969, British Pathe News)
The location is unclear; cars and vans skid over icy roads. A Bedford SB/Plaxton Embassy coach with steam rising from the radiator sits by the side of the road. A Green line AEC Regal IV RF196 (MLL583)
moves slowly along. A man digs grit from a roadside container and throws it under the wheels of the bus so it can get a grip.

Southport (aka New ARP Mobile Station at Southport) (undated, British Pathe News)
A converted double deck bus is demonstrated as a mobile wartime Air Raid Precaution station in Southport. Martin Ingle confirms it as CP7575 ex Hebble, a Leyland Titan TD1 - (also thanks Pete Weatherby)

Spain Buys Old Buses (1961, British Pathe News)
Footage of London Transport trolleybuses being loaded on a ship at Dagenham bound for La Coruna. The FW (Fulwell) depot plate is seen on the side of one. London Transport 1773 (HYM773), a 1948
BUT 9641T/Metro-Cammell is seen being loaded.

Special Services Firemen (1960, British Pathe News)
Special services firemen in Watford, Hertfordshire demonstrate their latest equipment, freeing a man trapped against a wall by London Transport AEC Regent IIIRT RT2914 (MLL661). Although the bus shows service 11 to Liverpool Street, the exercise is clearly off the public road.

The Spirit of Christmas (1948, British Pathe News)
In the Berkshire village of Letcombe Bassett, City of Oxford J178 (BFC34), a 1935 AEC Regal II/Park Royal draws up and a woman gets out. The bus is then seen driving away.

Spring Cleaning Buses (1948, British Pathe News)
An Eastern National lowbridge Bristol K/Eastern Coachworks enters Chelmsford, Essex garage to be washed and cleaned, using a mechanical washer suspended from the roof. This is 3959 (MPU20), a 1947 Bristol K6B, the original footage would confirm it. Several single deckers are also seen.

Strength - Saxon Brown (1930, British Pathe News)
Strongman Saxon Brown is seen performing several feats, including pulling brand new London General AEC Regent ST236 (GJ7965) along using his teeth. Another ST is seen in the background.

Stalingrad to Coventry (1951, British Pathe News)
A delegation from Stalingrad visits Coventry. Coventry Corporation buses are seen in the background - there is also archive footage of a Coventry Corporation bus wrecked in bombing in November 1940.

Sweden buys British Buses (1930, British Pathe News)
Latest type of London bus is seen leaving for service in Stockholm, Sweden. Martin Ingle notes: "This was LGOC ST174 which was exhibited in Stockholm in May 1930 before entering service in London"

Television Aids Bus Service (1970)
Footage showing how Leicester Corporation uses CCTV to monitor its city bus services. Seen is Leicester 113 (PBC113G), a Leyland Atlantean/Park Royal on route 39.

The Thames in Full Flood (1929, British Pathe News) Two Tilling-Stevens Express single deckers (one is MO6846, the other is MO68xx) and a doubledecker possibly a Leyland Titan of Thames Valley Road Car are seen negotiating serious flooding in Maidenhead, Berkshire:

The Titan swamps a car in passing, which stops in the floodwater and has to be rescued.

Ticket Clippie (1950, British Pathe News)
Bus conductors' ticket punch machines are checked by London Transport officials.

Traffic and Buses of London (1970, British Pathe News)
A must see for London Transport buffs. 23 minutes of raw footage shot from a moving vehicle in Central London. Countless AEC Routemasters are seen, also large numbers of RTs with and without roofboxes. At one point a camera apparently on the roof of a building picks out a solitary XA-class Leyland Atlantean as it picks its way through the streets.

London Transport buses identified in this footage are:

RM1813 (813DYE) running a private hire from Dalston garage

RM1571 (571CLT) running to Mortlake garage on route 9

RM1544 (544CLT) running to Mortlake garage on route 9

RML2625 (NML625E) running to Holloway garage on route 14

RM1657 (657DYE) running to Neasden on route 16)

Unidentified Strachan-bodied MB on Red Arrow route 500

RML2571 (JJD571D) running to Aldwych on route 6

RML2517 (JJD517D) running to Upton Park on route 15

RM1260 (260CLT) running to Plumstead on route 53

RM2085 (ALM85B) running to Norwood garage on route 3

RML2507 (JJD507D) running to Upton Park on route 15

RT4458 (OLD678) running to Aldwych on route 77

RT256 (HLW243) running to Putney Heath on route 168

RT4361 (NLP526) running to Leyton Green on route 38

RML2614 (NML614E) running to Putney on route 14

Unidentified XA on route 76

RM1271 (271CLT) on route 11 to Shepherds Bush

RT3722 (NLE829) on route 12 to Dulwich

RML2501 (JJD501D) on route 6 to Willesden garage

Also an unidentified Green Line RF on route 714 to Luton

Trams and Tram Museum (1964, British Pathe News)
Report on bus conductor Victor Whitbread whose hobby is making model trams and running them on a track in his garden. Also shown are full size trams at the museum at Crich. There is footage of volunteers repairing track and working on restoration. The following trams are seen: Leicester 76, Southampton 45 (with East Street St Marys wound up), Glasgow 22 and 1282 and Sheffield horse tram 15.

Travelling Vicar (1960, British Pathe News)
Footage of Bedford OB/Duple BPR399 in use as transport for Corfe Mullen Church.

Trolleybus Breakup (1959, British Pathe News)
Footage of a Colindale breakers yard where London Transport trolleybuses are being scrapped. The only London Transport trolleybus seen clearly is 453 (DGY453)

TV Traffic Control (1960, British Pathe News)
Reporting a new traffic control system in Durham: a dark blue/white (?) doubledecker passes through traffic lights, then as the lights change a dark blue/cream Bedford SB/Duple Super Vega passes through towards the camera. A different view in a narrow street shows two United Automobile singledeckers moving away from the camera - the first may be a Bristol LS/Eastern Coachworks, the second may be a Bristol L/Eastern Coachworks. A third United saloon is a rear entrance Bristol L/Eastern Coachworks.

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