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The Derby (undated, British Pathe News)
Brief glimpse of a Portsmouth open top Leyland Titan, probably 8, a 1935 Leyland TD4/English Electric.

The Dental 'Bus (1934, British Pathe News)
A normal control singledecker used by a dentist to treat queues of children - rear and interior views, but not seen from front. Near impossible to identify.

Double Decker Church (1966, British Pathe News) and Vicar Sells Mobile Church (1969, British Pathe News)
Footage of former Wilts and Dorset 317 (GMW195), a 1950 Bristol KS6B/Eastern Coachworks, in a new life as St Mary's Mobile Church in Andover. The second report three years later describes how the vicar has to sell the bus because it cannot accommodate all the children who want to come to Sunday School.

Double Decker Green Line Bus (1949, British Pathe News) Footage of London Transport RTC1 (FXT272), a new double deck Green Line coach. This had started life as a prewar AEC Regent RT97, but after damage in the Second World War was rebuilt as an experimental Pay as You Enter bus in 1946, then rebuilt again in 1949 as RTC1:

Downtown Syncopators (1962, British Pathe News) The Original Downtown Syncopators being a band who tour in a converted Bedford OB/Duple HBP873:

Duke of Kent Tours Bus Garages (undated, British Pathe News)
Undated wartime footage of the Duke of Kent visiting Hanwell trolleybus garage and Victoria bus garage, London. He talks to guards, mechanics, watches buses being washed and repaired. He chats to drivers and conductors. Vehicles seen include YG5730 (unidentified singledecker seen only from behind, next to a bus), trolleybuses DLY56x (blinded for route 607), DLY569 on a turntable, DLY679 over an inspection pit, DLY588, also STL2398 (EGO452), STL1942 (DLU159).

The Duke Visits Oxford (1958, British Pathe News)
City of Oxford Motor Services AEC Regent V 964 (964CWL) arrives in the High, Oxford at the opening of this clip.

Dutch Children in Edinburgh (1946, British Pathe News)
A party of Dutch children holidaying in Edinburgh are seen travelling on an Alexander Leyland Tiger.

Electric Car (1947, British Pathe News)
An electric car seen being driven in Hastings, Sussex passes one trolleybus and is overtaken by another. The second is Hastings Tramways 29 (BDY804) a 1947 Sunbeam W/Weymann.

Factory Workers (1942, British Pathe News)
Manchester Corporation Crossley Mancunian/MCCW 675 (ENA364) picks up factory workers in an undisclosed location with 7X to Altrincham on the rear destination while another Mancunian pulls away from in front.

FA Cup Winners (1936, British Pathe News)
Arsenal football team return to Islington Town Hall with the FA Cup on Leyland coach FG or FC8853 of Fallowfield and Knight. Trams are seen in the background.

Fares Please (undated, British Pathe News)
London bus conductors are seen in training; AEC NS NS1643 (XU6182) is seen from behind - the mechanics of a bus are explained and changing a tyre is demonstrated then an AEC B-type (LF9417) Colin Read identifies this as B1722, which although a B was not a bus, but a lorry or special vehicle. Another is seen on a skid pan. Lastly two different LGOC Bs are seen on the road, one of them with licence plate xx8011. In the absence of a full registration, Colin notes this could be B1231 (LF8011), B2430 (LH8011) and B5015 (LU8011)

Farewell Old Year (1962, British Pathe News)
London Transport Green Line bus stuck in snow is seen to be AEC Regal IV/MCW RF78 (LYF429) operating from Godstone garage.

First Road Sleeper (1928, British Pathe News) The Albatross Sleeping Car is seen arriving in London:
The 21 August 1928 edition of 'Commercial Motor' magazine has a full report and photographs of this vehicle, registration YX4700. Operated by Albatross Roadways, the inaugural overnight run left Commutation Row, Liverpool, at 2305 on Wednesday evening, arriving in Woburn Place, London, at 0920, nearly an hour behind schedule due to 'a slight error of route'. The trip cost 12 passengers 25 shillings (GBP 1.25) each, compared to 57 shillings (GBP 2.35) on a railway sleeper service. Commercial Motor noted, "Mr R H Cox was the driver of the coach except for an interval of about an hour, when he was relieved by Mr Chirgwin. Driver Cox looked - and said he felt - quite fit after being nearly all night at the wheel." Many thanks to Peter Tulloch for the additional research. Martin Ingle identifies the vehicle as an ADC 423.
Flood Town Protests (1958, British Pathe News) The town in question is Wickford in Essex. An Eastern National Bristol Lodekka LD/Eastern Coachworks is seen negotiating floodwater:

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