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Another Motorway (1963, British Pathe News) Transport Minister Ernest Marples arrives to open a section of the M6 on a Ribble Leyland Leopard/Harrington Cavalier coach, followed by at least four Ribble Leyland Titan PD3 doubledeckers:

Aquaplaning (1966, British Pathe News)
A cream/blue Ford 570E/Duple Trooper coach 8MOC undergoes aquaplaning testing.

Atom Scientists Visit Harwell (1955, British Pathe News) Said scientists arrive by air in a Vickers Viking at RAF Benson and are transported to the Atomic Energy Research Establishment at Harwell on Bedford SB LBL706:

Berwick Street - Market (c1934, British Pathe News) Undated general footage of Berwick Street market in London. Green Line AEC Regal T155 (GF535) new in 1930 passes close to the camera; the board on side includes 'Maidenhead - London - Taplow - Slough - Colnbrook - etc.':

Bill Grundy Looks at Aylesbury (1972) Footage of Aylesbury bus station shows passengers boarding a United Counties Bristol RELL/Eastern Coachworks; a Bristol Lodekka/Eastern Coachworks is also visible. There's also brief footage of a Red Rover AEC Reliance:

Blackpool Welcomes The Cup (1953, British Pathe News)
Blackpool Football Club have won the FA Cup and parade it around their home town aboard Burlingham Seagull bodied Leyland Tiger Cub EFR950 of Seagull Coaches

British Motorcoach Rally at Brighton (1965, British Pathe News)
Extended views of the coaches lined up along Brighton's promenade, also the coaches being put through a manoeuvrability course and reversing and stopping. The Mayor of Brighton presents trophies to the winners. There are also interior shots of some of the modern coaches.Identifiable coaches seen in this report include:

Banfield VF6618, a 1929 Chevrolet LQ/Bush and Twiddy

Potteries AEH141C, a 1965 AEC Reliance/Plaxton

Harris's LPU613C, a 1965 AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier

Southern Light ADY624B, a 1964 Bedford SB/Duple Bella Vega

Worldwide EMP810B, a 1964 AEC Reliance/Plaxton

Kenzies CVE666C, a 1965 Bedford VAL14/Plaxton

Thorpe of London MMH832C, a 1965 Bedford VAL14/Duple Vega Major

Flights COL787C, a 1965 Ford Thames 676E/Plaxton

Essex County AJD526C, a 1965 AEC Reliance/Plaxton

Southdown BUF84C, a 1965 Leyland Leopard/Harrington Grenadier

Janes of Wembley MMF162C, a 1965 Bedford VAL14/Plaxton

An unregistered Ford Thames 36 with Harrington Legionnaire body

Ementon of Cranfield 908NBM, a 1964 Bedford VAL14/Duple

Cook of Biggleswade 225BMJ, a 1964 Bedford VAL14/Duple

Two unidentified AEC Reliance/Duple Continental

Bowens BOF856C, a 1965 AEC Reliance/Harrington Grenadier.

Bus Destination Blinds (1952, British Pathe News) Manufacture of destination blinds in Elstree, Herts. A blind is seen being fitted to London Transport AEC RT3584 (MLL894) at a West London garage.

Bus Clean in a Jiffy (1959, British Pathe News) At London Transport's Harrow Weald bus garage, AEC Regent III RT3853 (LLU652) is taken through a drive-through bus washer:

Buses Not For Cuba (British Pathe News)
A ship loaded with buses for Cuba is seen on its side off the Essex coast. The buses can be seen still fastened to its deck. One of them, a two-door single decker, is seen being winched away from the stricken ship by an East German salvage vessel.

Busman's Holiday (1968, British Pathe News) Reading Sunbeam F4A/Burlingham trolleybus 182 (VRD182) is seen pulling out of the garage and picking up the driver's two daughters (and their mother):
A Thames Valley Bristol LS passes as the driver resets the trolley poles. Part way through, the view changes to a one third scale model of the same vehicle:
Driving round the garden he again stops to pick up his two daughters, this time without their mother:

Busman's Holiday (1960, British Pathe News)
An absolute gem, this is a film extolling the virtues of touring Scotland by coach. It opens with footage of vehicles being built at the Falkirk works of Walter Alexander, and several vehicles outside the works, then shows a farmer in Galloway, Scotland going on holiday. Amidst the travelogue and the picturesque scenery you can see a variety of Scottish buses and coaches.

Vehicles seen at Alexanders are FMS744 (Midland Bluebird, Leyland Tiger Cub/Alexander), KSC543 (Scottish Omnibuses B465,an AEC Regal IV built April 1953) SVD113 (Baxters, Airdrie - Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1 new circa November 1958 - withdrawn by 1963), plus LCS201 (Western Scottish T1391, Bristol MW/Alexander new 1958).

At St Andrews Square we see LSC64 (Scottish Omnibuses A4 - Bristol LS6G/Eastern Coachworks built June 1954) and RSC542 (the 'star' - Scottish Omnibuses B465 - AEC Regal IV/Alexander built April 1953).

Roy Bowden comments:

"I'm not sure exactly when it was filmed but the Dumfries Guy Arab LUF 6HLW/Alexander GCS205 (Western SMT DG 1119) was transferred away from Dumfries in 1959, probably to Greenock,along with the other nine of the same type which were at Dumfries, so the Dumfries and Galloway scenes must have been filmed no later than 1959.

The scenes at Falkirk seemed to feature recent but not necessarily new Alexander bodied single deckers so it might be difficult to estimate a date from this sequence. Having said that, it can't have been earlier than 1958, as there was a Western SMT red and cream MW6G in the background from the LCS batch. (LCS 197-216, fleetnos. 1387-1406 Bristol MW6G/Alexander new 1958). Interestingly it has its fleetnumber on the offside under the driver's side window, so it was either new or only a year or so old, again indicating 1958 or 1959.

I had some inside information regarding the making of this film - it wasn't only the Highland scenes that were subject to some artistic licence. If memory serves me correctly, the Galloway bus driver, 'Ian McKenzie', I don't know if that was his real name or not, was in fact from Edinburgh (presumably New Street). With the likely exception of his conductress, who may also have been from Edinburgh, the other Western Scottish crews seen at Dumfries were authentic.

Now for the real historical gem - farmer Bill Anderson (he of the herd of Belted Galloways) was, I believe, the well known Dumfries and Galloway District Traffic Superintendent Jim Calder. This may indicate that the Highland coach tour passengers may also have been in some way connected with the bus industry in Edinburgh, or failing that, I guess that they may have been actors. Hopefully, somebody will know."

Busmen's New School at Chiswick (1937, British Pathe News)
Footage of the school being opened by Minister of Transport Leslie Bergin includes a demonstration of the Chiswick skid pan by STL2387 (EGO432).

Bus Road Test (1955, British Pathe News) At London Transport's works at Aldenham, buses are subjected to various safety tests before being allowed onto the streets. RTL286 (KGU244) is seen undergoing tilt testing:
The rig is operated by foreman Charlie Taylor who's been working on bus maintenance since 1927. At Chiswick Works, a roofbox AEC RT is tested on the skid pan; a number of other buses are seen in the background:

Bus School (1939, British Pathe News)
Women conductors are trained as conductors by Manchester Corporation. One of them then sees her passengers aboard Manchester's Crossley Mancunian/MCCW 519 (AXJ986) - only the rear platform of the bus is seen.

Bus Tilt Tests (1949, British Pathe News) Footage of new London Transport all-Leyland Titan PD2/3 RTW5 (KGK505) undergoing tilt testing at London Transport's works at Aldenham. A T class AEC Regal is parked in the background; roofbox RT889 (JXN267) arrives alongside at the end of the sequence.

By Bus to Budapest (1926, British Pathe News)
A covered top London bus is lifted onto a ship for a Continental tour to show that British buses are best.

Children Evacuated From Plymouth (1941, British Pathe News) Seen at the opening of the newsreel are two Plymouth Corporation prewar Leyland Titans carrying children evacuated in the Second World War. One has registration DR7401, the other DR9648. The fleetnumber 59 is also seen:

Circus News - Bear in a Bus (1954, British Pathe News)
A man gets on a bus, only to find himself sitting next to a large circus bear; not surprisingly he gets off again, although the other passengers seem unconcerned. The clip is described as being shot in Sheffield, but the bus is a lowbridge Thames Valley Bristol K/Eastern coachworks.

Cliff Drives a Bus (1962, British Pathe News)
Features Cliff Richard in training for his role in the feature film 'Summer Holiday'. Two AEC RTs feature, RT128 (FXT303), new in 1940, and RT3036 (NLE926).

Cliff Meets Flying Haggis (1963, British Pathe News)
A double decker WG9194, alias 'The Flying Haggis', comes south from Dundee to Blackpool to meet rising pop star Cliff Richard. WG9195/8 were both 1940 Leyland Titan TD7/Leyland, numbered R281/4 in the Alexander (Midland) fleet - can anyone confirm this is similar?. There is also footage of Blackpool's illuminated trams.

Clippie Family (1944, British Pathe News)
The Leonards - mother Margaret and two daughters Vera and Dorothy are London Transport conductors. They are seen arriving for work and departing on three different G-class Guy Arab II/Park Royal. Only the second vehicle's licence plate is clearly seen; it is G94 (GLL593).

Several other Guys are seen parked at the garage, which Colin Moon confirms is Alperton; "Parts have not changed and are clearly recognisable. The large entrance behind the departing buses is now the centre door facing Bridgewater Road inside of which is now located the bus wash. The building with the white stone band where the clippies are seen emerging was, and is still, the Output Building and Canteen. The building not visible in the clip, that was immediately adjacent to the garage, was a generating station for power to the Piccadilly Line. When it became obsolete this building was merged with the original site to enlarge the bus garage."

Clippies AKA Women Bus Conductors (1941, British Pathe News)
Eleanor Leary trains to be a bus conductor in London (there is a close up of her badge N10007). There is interior upstairs and downstairs footage of an unidentified wartime London bus in service.

Closed Circuit Television Installed on Buses in Walsall (1969, British Pathe News) Footage of unique Walsall Corporation 56 (XDH56G) on route 118, a 36 foot long Daimler Fleetline CRC6-36:
It was supplied to Walsall before Daimler shipped a batch of similar buses to South Africa. As can be seen from the screencaps here, the Northern Counties body had a front entrance and rear exit, and two staircases. CCTV cameras were fitted to allow the bus to be driver only operated.

Coach Presented to War Wounded (1948, British Pathe News)
A Bedford OB/SMT coach FUS606 is presented to Erskine Hospital, near Glasgow. (Body identified by Martin Ingle)

Commercial Motor Show (1958, British Pathe News)
Apart from general footage overlooking the exhibition hall at Earls Court, London, a left hand drive AEC Regent V destined for Tehran is shown.

Crane Collapses in New York (1967, British Pathe News)
Footage shot in New York's 42nd Street, 13 April 1967, when a 250ft crane collapsed and crushed NYC Transit GM New Look 8387. This was a 1966-built GM TDH-5303A with the Manhattan & Bronx Surface Transit Operating Authority.

Cup Tie Fever (1934, British Pathe News)
Manchester City football team return home with the FA Cup, borne in two open half-cab coaches of Finglands.

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