The Walking Stick (1970, Samantha Eggar, David Hemmings)

In the movie's opening, Eggar is travelling on the London Underground, exiting at Oxford Circus. She boards a London Transport AEC Routemaster on service 137:
There are glimpses of London buses, including an AEC RT on driver training duty:
Towards the end of the film Eggar gets off an RTL. Curiously it apparently carries fleet number RTE557, and the 359 route number is also fictional. Thanks to Bob Eade, I've identified this as not RTL557 (which was exported to the Ceylon Transport Board in 1966), but RTL1557, which post LT ownership was much filmed but eventually destroyed in an episode of On the Buses:
Just before the closing credits she is seen sitting alone on London's Park Lane while traffic passes, including a (blurred) Green Line RF, followed by an unidentified Bedford VAl/Duple:

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