Stardust (1974, David Essex, Adam Faith)

A shame we see no more than a glimpse of this 'decker:
Jon Price comments "Fairly late on in the film there is a shot through a window overlooking Park Lane in London which shows traffic including a DMS Fleetline and a London Country dual purpose liveried Leyland National on Green Line work.
Later when Essex's character arrives to do a show on what appears to be a film soundstage he is driven past a line of vehicles."
Firstly a pair of Plaxton Elite bodied coaches, slightly different (Bob Wingrove suggests they're from Bests Coaches):
....followed by a pair of lowbridge Eastern Coachworks bodied Bristol Ks:
....then a pre-1962 Weymann or Duple bodied coach:
In the same building we glimpse a former BEA deck and a half AEC RF:
Can anyone identify these vehicles or their owner(s)? Jon Price adds "Near the end of the film there are scenes in a Spanish village which show a coach of some description."