The Sinister Monk AKA Der Unheimliche Mönch (1965, Karin Dor, Harald Leipnitz)

German movie clumsily titled in English based on an Edgar Wallace story, filmed largely in London.

A quick view of the rear of a Setra S10. The registration plate reads LVZ532, which although the scenes are ostensibly in Britain, is not a registration number of the time.
Either this is a different albeit identical Setra S10, or a different registration plate has been applied, IAB768. The coach appears to be right hand drive, although I'm not sure whether this model was built in RHD format:
The action moves to London, and London Transport's AEC RT4575 (NLP568) is seen on Westminster Bridge on route 12:
RM1884 (ALD884B) on route 15 from Upton Park garage passes London Country AEC RF183 (MLL570) on Green Line 711, followed by RTL1075 (LUC252):
Another sequence with Setra S10 IAB768, this time in fog:
Back in London we see the distinctive lines of London Transport XA28 (CUV28C) operating route 24 from Chalk Farm garage:
...and finally a pair of Routemasters with Nelson's Column behind: