The Shillingbury Blowers AKA And the Band Played On (1980, Robin Nedwell, Diane Keen, Trevor Howard)

A coach trip to a brass band competition features excellent footage of Bedford VAS5/Duple DNK50K, new to Lancer of London N14. When it arrives at the venue, there are three other coaches already parked. One Plaxton Elite III bodied example is in a livery resembling that of Oxfordshire operator Heyfordian. The other two are Bedfords in a similar livery to DNK50K. One is Duple Dominant bodied and is a YRT or YRQ (from my research possibly MUR320L). The other is Duple Viceroy bodied and might be Bedford YRQ DJH740K. Confirmation (or not) would welcomed.
One band member, played by Carry On stalwart Jack Douglas, is late and enlists the aid of an MG sportscar driver, and a London Country Leyland-National B passes as he removes his bike from the back seat.