Seance on a Wet Afternoon (1964, Kim Stanley, Richard Attenborough)

Attenborough gets off a London Transport RT (I think RT1525, KGU239) on service 65 next to what appears to be the trailer of an LT mobile canteen outside a school before kidnapping a schoolgirl.
As he drives her away Routemaster RM1152 (152CLT) is glimpsed on route 117 to Hounslow.
Also seen at night is RT3782 (NLE889) on route 38 followed by another on 72. There is an interior scene as Attenborough travels home:
- Stanley burns the ticket, which is seen to be for route 14:
Later, Attenborough catches RTL183 (KGK847) on route 25:
RT3908 (LLU717) appears on route 38:
...and RTW486 (LLU976) on route 24 outside Leicester Square Underground:
(from notes by myself and Jon Price)