Routemasters Buses for Sale (London Bus Sales Unit, 1986)

(Strictly, this is an advert, but it deserves a page of its own.) Four minute promotional film for the London Bus Sales Unit, hosted by George Takei, Star Trek's Lieutenant Sulu.
These lines of Routemasters include RM588 (WLT588) and RM1142 (142CLT)
This I believe is RM1873 (ALD873B), a 1964 example, which was converted with an offside powered door and demonstrated in Beijing:
George Takei introduces two iconic Routemasters, original prototype RM1 (SLT56) and the sole rear-engined Routemaster, FRM1 (KGY4D):
....and S742 (XM7399):
Old footage has a variety of buses on London streets:
The uses Routemasters can be put to are explored:
We close with Mr Takei taking the wheel of RM597 (WLT597):