Operation Third Form (1966, Kevin Bennett, Sydney Bromley, Derren Nesbitt)

A group of school children act to thwart a robbery.
The bad guy, Skinner (played by Derren Nesbitt)crosses the road near the South End Road fountain in London NW3. In the background are several London Transport AEC Routemasters:
He enters a cafe, and an AEC RT is reflected in the window:
Skinner boards an AEC RT, KXW314, but it's not quite what it seems, since RT1668 was sold to Red Rover of Aylesbury in 1964. The difference isn't obvious from this screencap, but note fleet number 6 on the rear platform:
Next to appear is AEC Routemaster RM1417 (417CLT):
Red Rover 6 reappears, and there are more clues to its owner in this view - apart from the fleet number, note the adverts for an Aylesbury business on the front. Also note the sloppily applied destination indicator! A later view shows how the 'Red Rover' fleetname has been taped over:
When Skinner gets off the bus, it's followed by a London Transport AEC RT, RT961 (KGU235), which itself is followed to the stop by an AEC Routemaster:

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