Olsenbanden gir seg aldri! (Arve Opsahl, Carsten Byhring, Sverre Holm)

Part of the long running series of Norwegian comedies featuring the Olsen gang (based on an equally long running Danish series). This particular movie brings our bumbling criminal heroes to a bustling London - and of course Trafalgar Square and a passing RML class AEC Routemaster:
.....but into view comes Armchair SGS508W, a 1981 Bedford YMT with Duple Dominant II coachwork carrying boards for SAGA Holidays:
Also seen through the windows are London Transport Routemasters, an AEC Merlin on Red Arrow duties, and a DMS type Leyland B20 Fleetline:
The driver's seat:
From a taxi, we see a London Transport MCW Metrobus on an Airbus service:
....and there's a glimpse of a London Country Green Line RB class AEC Reliance/Duple Dominant in Green Line's Golden Jubilee livery:
The only identifiable coach here is Reliance of Newbury 142 (UJB726N), a Duple Dominant bodied Bedford YRQ, but there are also Plaxton bodied AEC Reliances from Armchair and Derek Randall:
As the camera follows the taxi, a distant OM class open top BMMO D9 appears on a sightseeing tour:
A later sequence features AEC Bridgemaster 80WMH, which began life as a demonstrator for AEC, but spent some years with Osborne's of Tollesbury. By 1981 it had been heavily rebuilt in ugly fashion to resemble a 1920s bus, complete with open rear staircase:

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