Murder on the Home Front (2013, Patrick Kennedy, Tamzin Merchant, Emerald Fennell)

Apparently intended as a pilot for a series and set in the London Blitz of 1940, this odd TV movie shoots itself in the foot somewhat by depicting (through CGI) German night bombers being engaged by Spitfires in the Invasion stripes of 1944. Spitfires did have some limited success as night fighters in mid 1940, but did not fly at night during the Blitz. It's no surprise therefore that the only bus seen is a postwar roofbox AEC RT blinded for route 38, identity unclear, but clearly not in wartime livery. My money would be on Saunders bodied RT3062 (KXW171), which also appeared in Atonement - but I am open to confirmation or correction:

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