Munster Go Home! (1966, Fred Gwynne, Yvonne de Carlo, Terry-Thomas et al)

Popular US sitcom in its first outing on the big screen has the monstrous family travelling to England when Herman (Gwynne) discovers he's the new Lord of Munster Hall. Actually, it's very obvious that shooting the movie never got beyond California! The finale does feature two red doubledeckers though, and true to Hollywood form neither is a London bus.

One appears to be a Leyland Titan PD1, the other is one of a pair of 1954 BMMO D7s that were sold to Universal Studios in the 1960s, Midland Red 4110 (in 1965) and 4111 (in 1964). 4111 (THA111) is immortalised on the cover of The Who's 1968 'Magic Bus' album. It's likely the bus seen here, also in the [[screentv.tvc.columbo|Columbo] episode 'Dagger of the Mind', is 4110 (THA110):