Moving London (1983, British Transport Films documentary)

Documentary short about London's transport opens with AEC Routemasters and a single MCW Metrobus, then the cab of a Metrobus:
There follows archive footage, first of a Leyland RTL, then AEC ST239 (GH522), an STL and an LT:
Trams are seen at work:
RT2106 (LYF82)on route 19 follows a similar vehicle:
Footage of London Transport's Aldenham works includes both red and green RT family buses:
Country Area RT4787 (OLD824) arrives in Stevenage, as an RF passes behind:
Green Line RF152 (MLL539) arrives on route 727:
Trolleybuses, including Q1 type 1830 (HYNM830):
AEC Routemasters in traffic
...and more, including RM1094 (94CLT) on route 9, an unknown RM on 33 and RM556 (WLT556) on 38:
Red Arrow AEC Merlins XMS7 (JLA58D) and XMS5 (JLA55D), the latter being passed by RM320 (WLT320):
DM1082 (GHV82N, DMS type Daimler Fleetline/Park Royal) at Heathrow on route 285, which at the time was normally operated by M class MCW Metrobuses:
M class MCW Metrobuses on Airbus services between London and Heathrow, including M436 (GYE436W):
More conventional Ms, including M426 (GYE426W) on route 286 and M259 (BYX259V) on 79A:
The M coverage is balanced by a T class Leyland Titan at London Bridge:
A classic view of Routemasters in traffic is enlivened by a glimpse of preserved ST922 in the queue, while in another sequence an M leads an RM: