Moving London (BTF-LTE documentary, 1983)

Has footage of buses working in London from the Second World War to the 1980s.

Opens with classic footage of London Transport crew operated AEC Routemasters at work, juxtaposed with the driver of a one person operated bus:
ST and STL class AEC Regents are seen in wartime:
Footage of London tram travel:
1970s London traffic:
Stock footage of Aldenham works and green and red London buses under overhaul:
A Leyland RTL sets out from the garage:
....and Country Area RT4787 (OLD824) arrives on a Stevenage Town Service while an AEC RF passes behind:
Green Line RF152 (MLL539):
A nod to London's trolleybuses, the first passed behind by a T-class AEC Regal:
AEC Routemasters, including RM556 (WLT556):
Two different representatives of the original small batch of XMS class AEC Merlin/Strachan Red Arrows, the second being XMS5 (JLA55D):
Footage of 'Airbus' liveried M class MCW Metrobuses:
....followed by standard Ms, including M428 (GYE428W) and M259 (BYX259V):
....and a T-class Leyland Titan on Tower Bridge:

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