Mirror (1970, Michael Bolland, Bill Forsyth)

A short drama notable for featuring Bill Forsyth as an actor before he became known as a film director. Set in Glasgow, and distant Glasgow Leyland Atlanteans occasionally are glimpsed:
Much more clearly seen are several Alexander (Midland) buses: MRF27 (KWG357F), a 1967 Daimler Fleetline/Alexander, passes on the road:
A bus station scene features MRD186 (AMS4B), a 1964 Bristol FLF6G/Eastern Coachworks, and RB272 (SWG628), a lowbridge 1961 Leyland Titan PD3A/3/Alexander lowbridge. As this pulls out, revealed behind it is PD92 (JMS210), a 1956 Leyland Tiger Cub PSUC1/2 with Alexander bus body. Another FLF is seen at speed on the street:

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