Midnight Lace (1960, Doris Day, Rex Harrison)

Riveting Hitchcock thriller set in London but (apart from some inserts and back projection sequences) filmed in Hollywood. As a result we see a number of real London buses and one impostor!
Dors stops her taxi at Trafalgar Square and an RT family bus is seen blurred in passing. The next time the taxi stops we see two London Transport RTs on a roundabout:
In back projection an RTL passes - not well seen, but I believe it's RTL1293 (LYR825):
I have a suspicion this sequence was shot in black and white and selectively colorised, because although the RTL and a post van are red, everything else is in monochrome, even this passing AEC RF, RF157 (MLL544):
A later sequence begins at Heathrow Airport with two BEA deck-and-a-half AEC RFs, the nearer one being MLL739:
Then we switch to a Hollywood backlot for a scene in which Dors is pushed in front of an onrushing bus. As you can see, although red this bus never came within several thousand miles of London:
Our heroine is put into a taxi, and I also have a slight suspicion that the back projection here has been reused from the earlier taxi sequence.

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