The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970, Roger Moore, Hildegarde Neil)

"Very slow thriller about a man whose less regimented other self is released when he momentarily dies after a car crash and proceeds to take over his life. During the opening sequence you can see a blue/white Duple coach on London's Embankment, a nice shot of a 'Red Arrow' AEC Merlin followed by RT and RM turning onto Parliament Square, and around the elevated section of the M4 various unidentified contemporary Plaxton & Duple coaches, and a BEA liveried RMA AEC Routemaster with luggage trailer. Later scenes have various background shots of unidentified RT/RM/RML and another BEA RMA and trailer. Good contemporary lorries too." (thanks Jon Price). The Red Arrow AEC Merlin is MBS602 (AML602H) on route 503:
As noted the coaches can't be identified, the bodies are Plaxton, Duple and Plaxton again:
The BEA Routemasters are blurred but well-seen:

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