Malcolm (1986, Colin Friels, John Hargreaves, Lindy Davies)

"Focuses on the lead character, who knows every type of Melbourne Tram ever made or even designed, and as you probably know, one of the largest tram networks in the world is in Melbourne. It's a very funny and charming film (it also has a small Honda car, which splits apart, each front seat gets to drive their own side (and balance the newly created two-wheeler)." (thanks Paul Denyer) Malcolm is a shy mechanical genius who is fired from the tramway for building his own tram, then turns to crime. Several Melbourne trams are featured, and footage of the South Melbourne tram depot: Here are 1027 (a 1956 W7 class), 974 (a 1952 W6 class), 939 (a 1948 SW6 class), 765 (a 1936 W5 class) and 809 (another W5 from 1937):
We also see model trams:
Malcolm's own-built tram carries fleet number 658, seen here from both ends! After filming completed it was donated to the Tramway Museum Society of Victoria
We also see some Lisbon trams:

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