Letter to Brezhnev (1985, Peter Firth, Alexandra Pigg, Margi Clarke, Alfred Molina)

Set in Liverpool and opens with an aerial sweep across the Pier Head bus station in the dark. As the movie gets going we see Merseyside PTE 1026 (A106KLV), a 1984 Leyland Atlantean AN68D/Alexander.
We also see the central characters aboard Merseyside 1010 (A330GLV), a 1983 Leyland Atlantean AN68D/Alexander.
There's a brief aerial shot of a Crosville Bristol VRT, but later we get to see Crosville DVL410 (ODM410V - Bristol VRTSL3-501/Eastern Coachworks) in traffic with Merseyside 1407 (EKD407L - Leyland Atlantean AN68/East Lancs)