Ketcham Home Movies: Europe 1937-8, Mexico and the West 1939 (1939)

Rodney Ketcham recorded home movies and travel movies between 1949 and 1974, held by the Center for Home Movies. This example mostly takes in London.
London Transport 1937 AEC Regent STL2247 (DYL880) leads 1930 AEC Regent ST288 (GH600):
The camera pans down 1933 AEC Regent STL277 (AUC517):
Just a glimpse of 1931 AEC Regent ST277 (GN4622):
Westminster Bridge: a tram passes one way, while a Green Line T class AEC Regal passes the other way:
An Eastern Counties Leyland Titan:
The action switches to the USA in colour, and a Greyhound Yellow Coach:
This also appears to be a Yellow Coach:
Footage of San Francisco cable cars on a turntable, 509 and 515:

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