Jack el Destripador de Londres AKA Seven Murders for Scotland Yard (1972, Paul Naschy, Patricia Loran)

Spanish modern retelling of the Jack the Ripper story, and we therefore see typical London buses of the era, including an early Daimler Fleetline DMS and AEC Routemasters; only RM533 (WLT553) is identifiable:
Less often seen on screen is the London Country RC class, two are seen at Piccadilly. RC4 (CUV62C) neares the camera : another heads away in the other. Both are Willowbrook bodied AEC Reliances in a class that only numbered 14 vehicles and are seen operating from Reigate on route 711:
Also at Piccadilly is an AEC RT on route 12, but the registration plate is unclear:

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