Im Banne des Unheimlichen AKA The Zombie Walks (1968, Joachim Fuchsberger, Siw Mattson)

West German movie set in the UK, with scenes in London.
Establishing shots at Piccadilly Circus include London Transport AEC Routemasters and RTs:
Later in the movie there is a curious continuity issue. Woman waits for a bus. Stretched Routemaster RML2566 (JJD566D) arrives on route 6A:
Standard RM1707 (707DYE) pulls in on route 9. Meantime another standard, RM142 (WLT142) arrives behind RM1707 as she's boarding it:
Cut to the man she was talking to, then she's seen leaving, standing on the platform of......RML2522 (JJD522D) on route 6A!:

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