The Happiest Days of Your Life (1950, Alistair Sim, Margaret Rutherford)

In the last scene of the film a number of coaches arrive carrying school children.
The first coach to arrive is DRV116, which appears to be a Morris-Commercial:
This is closely followed by MPA402, a 1948 Commer Commando/Harrington C30F of W S Hunt of Leatherhead, Surrey. The operator's name can clearly be seen in the destination display.
Two coaches are then seen from a distance drawing up at the school; these appear to be DRV116 and MPA402:
However the next scene, of children getting off the coaches, shows THREE coaches. The nearest is again MPA402, the vehicle behind it is Hants and Sussex 135 (GHO322), a 1948 Bedford OB/Duple:
The third bus is also interesting, it's a Foden, apparently in Hunt's livery. This would therefore be LPC187, a Foden PVSC5 with Whitson C35F body. The next scene repeats the arrival of DRV116 and MPA402, but is slightly extended to reveal the Foden bringing up the rear! Mike Penn has suggested DRV116 as Wadham-bodied. Foden enthusiast Peter Tulloch provided ids for MPA402 and LPC187, but is confident that DRV116 is not a Hunt vehicle. Can anyone positively identify DRV116?

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