A Damsel in Distress (1937, Fred Astaire, George Burns, Gracie Allen, Joan Fontaine)

English-set movie filmed in the USA includes Astaire in a dance routine with a London bus as background. As it's American the bus used is not actually a London bus, although it has fleet number STL1734, the same as it carries in the later movie featuring Joan Fontaine, 'This Above All'. However the registration plate it carries here is AYV604, which properly belonged to STL446. In this guise it also appears in 'Mrs Miniver', also in 1942. Note that the back projected footage in the second screencap includes the distinctive twin rear axles of a real London Transport LT:
Astaire dances while the bus passes twice behind him, and boards it on the second pass. There is a bizarre continuity lapse as the weather and therefore the light changes abruptly behind him:
I'm seeking an ID for this barely seen tour bus:

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