The Boys and Girl From County Clare (2006, Bernard Hill, Colm Meaney, Andrea Corr et al)

In 1965 a group of Liverpudlians travel to take part in the annual céilí music competition in Ireland.
Transport is provided by a Ford Transit and a Commer 1500 (YZY873). Production of the Transit began in October 1965, so it's arguable whether it should appear in a 1965-set movie, especially as the registration plate starts as HZU321 and becomes GZO65E (a 1967 plate). The late model Bristol LH is definitely an anachronism. As part of the movie was shot in Northern Ireland (as opposed to the Republic), I'd speculate whether it's GPD301N, a 1974 bus new as London Country BN33 and preserved in Northern Ireland. I'm open to offers on an id for the blue coach:

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