The Bitterne Traffic Scheme (1974, Southampton City Council - United Motion Pictures documentary)

A 14 minute detailed look at a new traffic scheme on a busy route into Southampton.

Opening view of traffic includes two Southampto Transport Leyland Atlanteans and two Hants and Dorset Bristol Lodekka FLFs:
Southampton Leyland Atlanteans in traffic, including 136 (TTR170H), a 1970 PDR1A/! model with East Lancs body:
Heavy traffic in both directions, including Southampton 6 (MTR424F), a 1968 AEC Swift/Strachan, a Hants and Dorset Bristol Lodekka FLF, a Southampton Atlantean/East Lancs and an anonymous Bedford/Duple:
A Hants and Dorset Bristol RELL:
Southampton 336 (336AOW), a 1963 Leyland Titan PD2A/27 with Park Royal body:
Hants and Dorset 1240 (KRU240F), a 1967 Bristol FLF6L:
More Southampton buses, an Atlantean/East Lancs, a Leyland PD2A/27/Park Royal and a PD2/27/Park Royal:

Hants and Dorset 1651 (XLJ726K), a 1972 Bristol RELL6G/Eastern Coachworks:
Hants and Dorset 3601 (CRU143L), numerically the first of the company's Leyland-Nationals, new in 1973, followed by a Bristol RELL/Eastern Coachworks:
Many more Southampton Atlanteans at work:
Note the distinctive 'Atlantean' badge on the rear of 110 (OCR154G):
Another Southampton AEC Swift/Strachan, this time 1 (JOW499E):
A Southampton AEC Regent V with Neepsend or East Lancs body:
Southampton 146 (WOW539J), a 1972 Leyland PDR1A/1 with standard East Lancs body:
A Hants and Dorset Bristol Lodekka FLF at speed:

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