All The Right Noises (1971, Tom Bell, Olivia Hussey, Judy Carne)

Little-seen now, this movie documents the relationship between a married man and an underage schoolgirl. Having said that, quite a
good film in a low key way; early on Bell boards a London Transport AEC Routemaster:

Later footage sees Hussey getting off a Manchester Corporation 'Mancunian' Daimler Fleetline/Park Royal, 2093 (LNA293G):
As she crosses the bus station a Salford Corporation halfcab double decker passes:
There are glimpses of another Mancunian and a Manchester Corporation halfcab
Later scenes at a racecourse have a line of Southdown 'deckers in the distance. The end one at least is a Leyland Titan PD3/4 'Queen Mary':

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